LPTransition Research Unit

LPTransition supporting research unit

LPTransition is in the first place an enabling and support platform for interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research and training activities throughout the university.

The platform also hosts a supporting research unit for analysis of transdisciplinary and interdisciplinary research approaches within the cross-cutting field of “social studies of science and technology”. This research unit conducts qualitative and quantitative analyses of the conditions for transformative interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research in collaborative research projects with other research partners. Both LPTransition and the supporting research unit are part of the BIOGOV unit of the Centre for Philosophy of Law (BIOGOV/UCLouvain).

Direction: Tom Dedeurwaerdere

Ongoing research projects

“Analysing and Identifying the Circular Economy’s contribution to a just Transition. A Transdisciplinary Environmental Justice Approach in the Brussels Capital Region” (AICE-T-)

The aim of the AICE-T project is to identify and analyse the potential contributions of circular economy initiatives to achieving just transitions. The AICE-T project asks the following two research questions:

    • what are the existing practices used by circular economy initiatives to address the social and environmental issues raised in the context of their activities ?
    • how to create capacities of engagement of actors in the circular economy initiatives for contributing to improved environmental justice outcomes, in particular through social learning on values conflicts and the formation of shared narratives of change ?

To address the research questions, the AICE-T project will use an innovative transdisciplinary research design, combining an assessment of existing circular economy initiatives in the Brussels Region with a set of participatory research methodologies geared toward capacity building and the fostering of organisational change.

Detailed project text: download the full project description here.

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